About Me

I am a degree-holding, student loan paying, hard working, single mother and waitress. After graduating from a prestigious and expensive college with a vague degree, I continued to wait tables at a 1940’s theme restaurant in the capital of crazy, New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve moved on from the war years and the Greatest Generation and now I’m working at one of the most popular and beautiful restaurants in the city. I’m so fortunate and grateful for my job, though life in the service industry here is predictably batshit insane.
On my days off I spend plenty of time with my babies, knit, read, needle felt, roam the city, go to the zoo, eat delicious things, comb the kids’ wild hair, watch Disney movies and I’m also a into to shopping for really neat things. It’s nice to meet you. I live to serve.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Artventure says:

    Hi! I actually read about your blog on a babycenter post of yours. My family and I are new to NO. We love love love it here! Just wanted to stop by and say howdy!

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