Couturie Forest- An Enchanted Place

2015/01/img_0470.jpg Couturie Forest in City Park

I love Couturie Forest. It is so beautiful and serene and I love climbing up the big old man made hill that is the highest point in New Orleans. The water is pretty and you can see all sorts of birds. My three year old decided that it was Reggie’s home (Reggie is his friend the monster) which is not surprising because he has told me that Reggie lives in the dark dark woods. We had a picnic in a field and hiked through the trees. The kids enjoyed themselves, running around and picking up sticks to throw in the water. Max did ask to go to a park with a slide once or twice, though.
We saw a little kid with aquamarine hair collecting snail shells on a picnic table with his interesting parents and they all looked happy. The air was sweet and the sunlight was soft and dappled through the trees.
Couturie Forest definitely makes the list of Enchanted Places. I want to go back soon.

2015/01/img_0471.jpg A Tree Monster


About Anthea

I have a two year old girl and a three year old boy. I'm a single mother and and a waitress at a very good restaurant. I like to write about my kids, work, crafts, cool toys, and life in New Orleans.
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