Maintaining is hard


Work has been good but exhausting, the babies are good but exhausting. Maintenance is stressing me out. Brush teeth, take bath, comb hair, get dressed, go to the dentist, rinse repeat. So much needs to be done that it takes up the time I want to be doing other stuff. Grocery shopping, making phone calls, paying bills and God knows what else my memory has been so bad lately. I want to listen to Elizabeth Mitchell and spend time in nature. I want to feel a connection to the universe. But my work clogs are ripped and almost unwearable and new ones are $140.00 and the cheap rubber shoes at I got at Walmart hurt my feet and my back and on and on. When will time open up and give me what I want? I won’t mope though. It’s time to seize the day and be kind and patient and make it happen. Off to the park, the weather is beautiful (just as soon as I bathe everyone and brush their teeth and dress them and make lunch and get extra clothes and diapers together)!


About Anthea

I have a two year old girl and a three year old boy. I'm a single mother and and a waitress at a very good restaurant. I like to write about my kids, work, crafts, cool toys, and life in New Orleans.
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