Second doctor’s appointment and work sucking.

My second doctor’s appointment was today and it went really well. The midwife I saw was cool as hell. I heard the baby’s heartbeat and it’s in the 150s. Yay! I also signed up for a lactation consultaion and everyone was really nice. Work has been tiring, non-lucrative and boring lately. ick. And I found out that I was passed over in the manager hunt they were having in favor of very new weird people. Not that I would have wanted to do it right now anyway with the baby coming… but still :(. We got internet in the house today! Yay! Farmville here I come. Moving out of the old house is almost complete. New house is awesome. Life is good.

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Life is good.

The baby’s got me emotional, craving sweets and melon and sleeping all the time. I’ve been working and sleeping (a lot) and driving some.

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I found a place to live!

And it’s old and huge and awesome and I call it The House on Witchneck Hill! Yay! It has plenty of space for the baby and a yard and an amazing kitchen. I’m happy and excited, I’ll be moving this month. Also it’s not too expensive like the other house we were considering. It’s perfect all in all. :-)

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Good Day.

Yesterday I went to the doctor. It went really well. I got to see the baby on an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat! But I also had to have a Pap Smear (the boyfriend watched!) and get six tubes of blood drawn (eek!) at a lab. Worth it. I’m getting pretty excited. We may have also found a great apartment to rent yesterday. It’s on Soniat by Freret. It’s enormous and I turned in the application today. It’s pretty expensive. I’ll have to continue to work my ass off! Oh well it’s good. We will see what happens. I had a good day at work today. My boss’ former dentist was comped and left me $40.00 which was a nice start to the day. I also waited on Vicki, one of my professor’s from Tulane and her baby and parents. She said I should come and talk to her about a reccomendation letter and Grad School because I am talented (eep!). Good and awkward, like much is in life. The weather was nice today, kind of like spring in Michigan.

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Doctor Tomorrow

I am nervous. I love you, Baby.
XOXO, your Mommy

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Super Sunday!, My Birthday and WIC.

      We went to Super Sunday at A.L. Davis Park on the corner of Washington and Lasalle. It was awesome. We ate snowballs and took pictures of Mardi Gras Indians. Good times, and I had always wanted to go. Cool second lining and a lot of Heineken drinking went on (not by me, this time, lol).

    My 27th birthday is tomorrow. I plan on sleeping, eating funfetti cake and maybe going to the Road Food festival in the Quarter.

    I went to the WIC office yesterday and got vouchers and my weight taken (eep!) and my iron levels recorded (only 12.5 which is “normal”, probably needs to be higher). It was actually kind of fun to go and be part of the beaurocracy. And it made me think about the baby, which I enjoy. My mom pointed out a lot of the differences between WIC now and when she had me (like they used to look at you like you were a bad mother and crazy if you wanted to breastfeed and now they encourage you too) which was interesting.

     Slight nausea lately, breasts pretty good, work pretty tiring. I want to nap  a lot and instead I run around waiting on drunks and assholes. Oh well. Gotta get the money.

    We ate at Tartine today and it was great, bread and jelly and brie and butter and eggs baked in brioche! Oh My YUM!

     I am nervous but also excited about going to the doctor on Wednesday. Feeling similarly about the driving lesson on Monday.

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St. Joseph’s Day

And I have to work tonight, until 11 and I’m tired. As I was yesterday night when I had to work until late. I went to the St. Joseph’s Alter and felt a little sick eating outside in the sun.

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